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The Smell Of Rain

The sweet smell of life
Rushing to a silent call;
Like a lover to another
Sweet collision
Music divine.
The ancient tune
That plays eternal
Unchanged, still true
As the first day
His first note broke
From the heavens
And rushed
To the yearning call
Of his lover below.
At last.

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Myne Whitman said...

Well written, the imagery almost evoked the sounds and feelings of your title, nice

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

There is something that just works about your run-off lines. At first it was interfering with my experience by creating urgency. Then I realised the poet was so immersed (excuse that pun) in the rain feeling, he did not need many words to recreate it. I like it now - a whole lot.

Juanita said...

True, imagery just evokes the scenery. I like your poetry a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

This poem put me at ease the whole way through... Well done for an awesome effect.

aboutime said...

congratulations!! this isnt sickening and corny! (a first for you i'm sure)

Tye said...

Thanks Myne...I wrote it on a rainy night :)

Tye said...

Thanks NYA! Your words always find some way to inflate my already you-inflated ego :D

Tye said...

Oh Juanita! You just flatter me too much....I'm thinking I should do more writing in the rain ;)

Tye said...

Thanks Tade, blame it on the rain...Your awesome for thinking it's awesome ;)

Tye said...

Bastardess! As for you, I will take the congratulations, but I refuse to mind you :)

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