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To My Brown Sugar...

Brown Sugar,

When I look in the caramel pools of your eyes

I see depths of mysteries I want to explore

A cryptic beauty that intrigues me

And a soul that wields an alluring essence

Brown Sugar,

When you touch me, your hands of delicate beauty

Leave me with a lingering sweetness

Sensations and memories that leave me infinitely giddy

Your lovely hands I wish would caress me, oh so tenderly

Brown Sugar,

I love making you smile

And hearing you laugh, even for a while

And yearn to let my fingers play in your hair

And stare into your eternal eyes

So Brown Sugar,

Will you let me?

Do say you will…

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Juanita said...

woah, like hell yeah she would after reading this :P
Long time no hear man.
Nicely done as always. Sugar-caramel- sweet!

Myne Whitman said...

Nicely done yeah, me likey.

Coweh said...

those last two stanzas are fantastic.

Paapa said...

lazy blogger......but cant hate u coz u've still got it!

etoile Oye said...

did she let you?

Tye said...

Juanita! True, it has been a while, and it is my fault but I REFUSE to accept any responsibility for my actions :)....And there you go again inflating my head till my glasses can barely fit on my face :D Thanks!

Tye said...

Thanks always, me likey when you likey ;)

Tye said...

Why thank you Coweh! You just made my night equally fantastic!

Tye said...

Aww P, man! Thanks bruv, you know you've got it too!

Tye said...

Oh etoile, hmmm...let's say she never knew...circumstances were not encouraging :(

Anonymous said...

What a poem! If it weren't for the fact you're probably younger than me... haha But you write with a lot of feeling. Whoever this Brown Sugar is, is a lucky girl! ;)

Tye said...

Anonymous, :D! You just made turn a deep shade of orange! Thank you. Thank you.

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