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Falling For A Stranger...

...Is easy as warm butter
And dubious like the sea

It's slow and enchanting;
Faltering forward, unsteady,
Into a vortex of possible damnation
And loving it all the same

It's sexy
Like flirting with darkness
And kissing the fringes of danger
Like sticking your finger in a flame
And waiting for the sweet burn...

Like listening for a whisper
On sensual air currents
Or taking a deep breath before a dive

Falling for a stranger...
Is tortuously beautiful
Like a wilting rose

Or an ended love
Like a dark, unsteady road
Only bathed in moonlight

It's dubious, and raw, and true
It's sweet and sour

And something in-between
It's heady and frightening
And hauntingly captivating...

It's a deep gentle bite
That only caresses a vein,
Yet leaves you pining in hopeful vain...

PS: Partly-inspired by conversations with a wise and wonderfully alive person... :D

Application From A Hopeful Romatic

I think of you incessantly
Your careless hair, your dark brown eyes

Your tender smell I wish I knew...

I wish I could break through these walls

These chains that keep me from your arms,

And feel the depth of your sweet charms.

I wish I knew your favorite song

So I could play it all day long

And drown in you, and drown in you

And the perfection I wish I knew...

To My Brown Sugar...

Brown Sugar,

When I look in the caramel pools of your eyes

I see depths of mysteries I want to explore

A cryptic beauty that intrigues me

And a soul that wields an alluring essence

Brown Sugar,

When you touch me, your hands of delicate beauty

Leave me with a lingering sweetness

Sensations and memories that leave me infinitely giddy

Your lovely hands I wish would caress me, oh so tenderly

Brown Sugar,

I love making you smile

And hearing you laugh, even for a while

And yearn to let my fingers play in your hair

And stare into your eternal eyes

So Brown Sugar,

Will you let me?

Do say you will…