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In The Spirit of Love

If Love was my heart
I’d give it to you
If Love was my word
I swear it’d be true
If Love was a colour
It’d never be blue
If Love was a person
It’d always be you

If Love sailed the ocean
It’d never sink
If Love is a potion
Then give me a drink
If Love is my death
Please kill me twice then
I Love has an ending
Let’s start over again

If Love costs a fortune
Take all I have
If Love is pain
Let me never laugh
If Love is a story
I’ll let it unfold
If Love is a fire
Let it burn me whole

If Love is a bird
I’ll let it fly free
To go and then return to me
If Love is a number
For me it’d be three;
For you, me and eternity.

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JuaNita said...

Lovely, nice..infact insert positive adjectives here. :)

Tye said...

LOL! Appreciate it. In fact, positive adjectives are: JuaNita Rocks. ;)

Nana Yaa Boatemaa said...

Nice one Tye! The third stanza makes me think oh the things we'd do for love...

Tye said...

Thanks, Nana! Care to share the lengths to which you would go for love...?

aboutime said...

If love was a gun,
it'd be fully loaded.
If love was a drum,
it's beats'd be explosive.
If love was a life,
it'd be built on quicksand.


Tye said...

That too, BABArosa...why am I smelling blood from slit wrists all of a sudden?

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