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On Lost Joy, and Despondency

Shadows cast in sunny places
Forced to hide in open spaces
Malice etched in smiley faces
Long run out of second chances

Absinthe tastes the same as wine
Memories left behind in time
Footprints dissolved into tide
Life feels better in my mind

Drowning on the air I breathe
Orphan of murdered relief
Staring at shattered belief
Dying from my pleasure’s seed

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Myne Whitman said...

Love the rhymes but really despondent. Well written.

Nana Yaa Boatemaa said...

Eii Tye, you are good oooo. How can you express pain in such a beautiful way?

Tye said...

Thanks, Myne! I wrote this on a really, really crappy day when I really had to vent; somehow the rhymes just seemed to arrange themselves,lol.

Tye said...

LORL!! Thanks, Nana; I'm blushing (I'm actually really almost turning pink) at your flattery! =D There's something terrifyingly beautiful about tragedy and its friends, i think...Am I just odd?

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