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It’s so hard when you're misunderstood

No one’s here to help you through the woods (heal the wounds)

You can't cry but now you wish you could

In my eyes

There's a dying light that used to shine

Now I'm down and out; I’ve lost this time

All I want to do is run and hide

I feel so broken inside

Destroyed my passion, been let down by life

I find no reason to strife

I’m fighting this lost battle, but I’m lost inside


I’m a broken shadow; residue

When you find untruths in all you knew

When that fire dies inside of you

I feel so broken inside

Destroyed by my passion, let down by my life

I’ve found new reasons to cry,

I’m lost in this battle, no one’s by my side


I'm standing in solitude


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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Powerful and plaintive poem. In spite of the extremely sad motif, the ending : "Solitude, I'm standing in solitude, Solitude" has a quiet and self-confident sense of POWER! You're subtle and I totally love that!

Selai said...

This is quite beautifully...
Did you write it as a song or a poem?

Selali said...

Beautifully sad, I meant to say.

antye504 said...

@ Nana Yaw,'powerful'- that's the first time my writing has been described as such. Thank you!

@ Selai/Selali( Same person?), I did in fact write this as a song for a musical, but since there's no music to I think song is simply poetry with a tune to it. Thanks!

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