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Seek Ye First His Kingdom...

Church was amazing this Sunday!

Not because I was clad head to toe in a black suit and sliver of yellow down my chest. Not because I knew the hymns they sang and not because I saw my favorite teacher after a very long absence of like 2 months….Well, of course all this contributed to the awesomeness of the whole thing, but above all else church was such a glamorous affair for me because the preacher delivered a message that really hit home. The sermon was on something I had been pondering the whole week through: It was on what truly matters; life’s purpose.

Prior to this Sunday, all week I had been feeling disconnected from God. I hadn’t been to church in a while and a concerned friend (God bless your precious heart, Yasmine) came to ask about the reason for my absence. For like a month my buddy and I had not stepped in His presence and she wanted a reason….yup, nothing justifiable- school, stress, homework, the list was long and meaningless.

This is when she started telling me about a book she had started reading which was changing the way in which she perceived life: The Purpose Driven Life. I had heard about it, but never read it. Its message was simple: There is so much more to life than getting the best grades, riding in the fastest cars and getting into the best college. Of course these things are of some importance, but life is so much more than chasing after and hanging unto material things which are but ephemeral in comparison to eternity.

I pondered these things all-week and was quite pleasantly surprised when mid-week I met further inspiration in the form of a stranger (but that’s for another day, its far too complex and freaky for this post).

So ffwd to Sunday. Here I am all-dressed up feeling all joyous in the Lord and in His presence when the sermon begins and the preacher (Bro. Daniel Quaye, I cannot forget his name) speaks about my very thoughts. I cannot describe the extent to which I felt my lips stretch into a silly grin, and the number of times I felt like leaping into the air and breaking into to song were no less than 3.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added unto you”, “Seek and you shall find”. Can God be anymore explicit? And kind?

Your sole objective should be to find the Lord (because if you seek Him, you will find Him) and all the things you desire (and even those you do not) shall come to you in abundance beyond words. Now tell me, how can you argue against this? Unless you are stupid or high or both why would you rather fret and struggle for the transient things. The transient things, all of which you cannot accumulate, when you can simply find The Single Thing which comes with an extended package that will over-satisfy you? Think about it…

I told my friend about this and yes, he tried to counter this argument but guess what? When he switched his radio on this morning, the preacher was talking about-you guessed it-the transient, mutable present and the eternity and abundance of his favor that NOONE can snatch away from you! Double freaky!!

Now, it’s easier to breathe and live because no matter what tries to faze me I have peace in the storm because I KNOW that because I have found His kingdom, life is just a breeze that tries to brag sometimes ;)

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever been dressed head to waist in a black suite with a sliver of yellow down your chest? lol.

Michael said...

One of the most vital topics in the Christian walk... definitely life-changing. God is good!

antye504 said...

@ Papa,shame; it was to emphasize the suaveness and blackness of the whole!

@ Michael,yup, He is Good...whether we like it or not!

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