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His Love, My Inspiration

Don’t ever give up when the going gets tough

Remember you can never try hard enough

And if ever you trip and fall

Brush off the dust, don’t sit and crawl

Because someone’s always got your back

Even when you believe life’s hollow and dark

Don’t despair, never fear

Never ever shed a tear

Just know He’s always there

Always cares

Never gives you what you can’t bear

It’s so much easier to mope, lose hope

Forfeit what you could achieve

In refusing to believe

Insisting on resisting to love Him

On opening up your heart to His loving embrace

Pursuing the world and shunning His grace

Assuming the most you can do

Is the same as the most you are willing to

He’s the sweetest friend you could ever know

And a life without Him is bound for sorrow

A life without Him is a sunless summer day

But his blood was shed to give us grace

It is wholly our choice to make

Our bond to break or chance to take

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