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Sweet you are

Much sweeter than honey

A greater treasure than gold

Always around to inspire and push me

Someone to hold when life gets cold

Beautiful lover of my soul, flaws and all

Always ready to catch my fall

Gentle, sweet, dedicated strong

My favorite, familiar, melodious song

My angel without wings

To my life, joy you bring

And even though I went astray

You never kept me at bay

Taught me to love, taught me to pray

Still loved me with a priceless heart

Did more than just play your part

God’s gorgeous masterpiece within and without

A priceless jewel we could not do without

The scales of life could not measure your worth

And though four times you gave us birth

To our home you still brought mirth

If words could express my love and pride

A thousand books I would write

And still not convey what you mean to me

Because my love for you is like a sea

Unchanging, Unending, Ever-growing, Evergreen

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Esi W. Cleland said...

aww, this is so sweet! Did you share it with your mom?

antye504 said...

Thank You! Gave it to her for her birthday last year, she teared up...

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