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If you've ever felt like there's no book for you, my condolences...but there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it is my appointed duty to lead you to it. Je te presente, six of the ultimate best in modern (and not so modern) literature...Works you may read for the very first time and works you may love to read again

Wine, dine and unwind as you indulge in the sumptuous works of some of the most brilliant minds and imaginations...

The perfect book for the holiday season, Baldacci's words will make you yearn for Christmas like no other book has. It is the light-hearted tale of a disillusioned journalist who must get from Washington to L.A. in time for Christmas. By a fortunate (or not so fortunate) twist of fate, he is forced to travel by train, resulting in encounters with characters from your very own life and a hilarious, thrilling tale. This book will touch your heart and keep you smiling the whole book through. *Watch out for Agnes Joe- muy fenomenal!*

THE GREEN MILE- Stephen King
If you have watched the motion picture, you will love the book. Green Mile is the (sometimes eerie) story of life on death row. Here you will be introduced to characters from the psychopathic "Billy the Kid" to the possessed Eduard Delacroix and John Coffey. Accused of raping and murdering two young girls, Coffey has been sentenced to death. Come explore with King, Coffey's guilt and discover for yourself, the intricacies of this demon's personality... (Angel...?)

TRYPTICH- Karin Slaughter
This is by far one of the best books I have ever, ever read. Set in the past present and future, it is a book true to its title. When Detective Michael Ormewood is faced with one of the most brutal killings in his career, he does not know that it is only the beginning of a string of equally gruesome murders linked to his past... A past so dark and ridden with secrets it cannot and will not stay buried. This book will make you ponder your life's decisions and the people you hold dear...

Three words- light, deep HORROR. Karen Spellman is moving with her children to the countryside with hopes of rewriting her life on a fresh, clean slate...but something sinister awaits the Spellmans; a hideous evil of nature itself fashioned in the very pits of Hades. It has waited hard and long for its perfect victim...and the Spellmans fit the specifications quite accurately. It may not appeal to all but this book will make you squirm and literally look over your shoulder even in the light of day.

This novel beats The Da Vinci Code. HANDS DOWN. Its is an amazing mystery woven round the Catholic Church, the legendary Illuminati and the little-known (to the scientifically bankrupt…and others) antimatter. Set in Vatican City, Robert Langdon, a Harvard Symbologist believes his sole mission is to stop the secretive Illuminati from destroying the Vatican City with the newly-discovered power of antimatter. However, you and he together will discover that there's always more beneath the surface. Absolutely enchanting! Literally Un-put-down-able!!

This book is authentically black, completely undiluted and absolutely delicious. The book is based on 4 'sistas' and their relationships with men and one another. All 4 are waiting for the day they can feel comfortable in a committed relationship with a man; they are 'waiting to exhale'. This book explores the complexities of life and the fundamental things that make us laugh and cry. No matter the color of your skin, this book is sure to move you to tears and/or make you fall over in rumbles of laughter. As good as the motion picture.

There are definitely other books that will no doubt tickle your fancy, regardless of your personality. However, I am a busy man with a very busy life and an education I’m committed to, so you shall be guided further down this path in the next edition. Hasta pronto!

“Books are the windows through which the soul looks out”
-Henry Ward Beecher-

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i've read all the books there but "tryptich" and "waiting to exhale". are they in the library?

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