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I looked for love elsewhere

Forgetting to look before me, right here

Forgoing what I knew was truth

That what was right was loving you

I’m sorry for passing you by

I’m sorry for letting us die

I lied, I tried, I did it all

Augmented your atomic flaws

I know I should have listened more

To the music of your hurting core

The tune I should have danced to

The melody I never sang to

Apologize, I know I should

I’ll heal your ever-hurting wounds

Rebuild the trust, forget the past

A different script, the same old cast

I promise now we’ll make it last

Last time I hurt you was the last

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hMensa said...

Feeling nostalgic now.....

antye504 said...

@ hMensa, I know right...*sob, sob* =)

Esi W. Cleland said...

mmmm, so s/he gave you a second chance?

antye504 said...

@ Esi, she did o... I could, however, have done with a third.

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