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Wasted Words

This poem was the product of a collabo with a friend, Essie...

Within this verse
Lie wasted words
Fragments of my heart, pieces of my soul
Longing for a happiness I may never know
A twisted reality, cruelty from God
I think and think
And write and write
Yet the thoughts of my mind
I can never really find
And then she flies in
To proclaim my ruin

A breath, then maybe a tear
But let it come, I’ll fight it
With my words, with my heart
With my faith
Let it come, and I will fight it
Whatever happens,
There’s no greater cost than my wasted words

My wasted tears
Twisted fears, a forgotten past
I cannot let pass
Still dwells in my heart
Reflects in my eyes
No matter how much
Time passes by

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

"Cruelty from God" is really sharp. I like!

antye504 said...

@ Nana Yaw Asiedu, why thank you!

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