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I'm Thankful

Last night I was reading a post on on Thankfulness and I just realized how much there is to be thankful for...I wrote this while walking to school this morning...

I’m thankful for the seasons

The wet and the dry

I’m thankful for the people

Even those that make me cry

I’m thankful for the birds

That fly high in the sky

And the sweet songs they sing

Make me thankful

I’m alive

I’m thankful for a father’s love

That really never dies

And that of a mother

That’s always by my side

I’m thankful for the innocence

That’s in a baby’s eyes

And the warmness in my heart

That reminds me

I’m alive

I'm thankful for my blessed sister

Her generous hand and loving heart

The priceless love of brothers

The opportunity to forgive others

That no sin is beyond forgiveness

That happiness begets happiness

I’m thankful for the surging hope

That comes with breaking dawn

For the potential in a butterfly

That’s yet to be born

For the dew in the morning

That makes Monday bearable

For the fact that being happy

Means there’s one less person miserable

I’m thankful for my friends

That make this journey easier

For the crazy things they do and say

That make my life happier

For the kind words from a stranger

That are welcome and unexpected

And the inspiration they bring

When times look dire

I’m thankful for nature’s beauty

That I get to feel for free

And the ocean that stretches

Beyond the endless sea

That there’s red wine and white chocolate

That’s made just for me

I’m thankful for the losses

That remind you what you’ve got

And teach you to appreciate

What you have lost

I’m thankful that an end

Means a new beginning

And that when the sun goes down

I’ll still be singing

That a passing means a new arrival

That you’ll always be there

Whenever I call

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hMensa said...

Great piece man......really.

Candy said...

Exceptional, Nana...You're a gifted young man :)

antye504 said...

Aww, I'm getting teary-eyed here...thank y'all

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Tye! :)

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