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What Is Love? I Think...

Love is the intense warmth
You feel when you’re with him
It’s the flaming warmness
You feel in some part of your being
Your soul perhaps, that tells you
She was destined, created for you.

Love is the feeling you feel, of sunshine
That glowing happiness that tells you
That should hurt come, you can bear it.
Love’s that feeling when the hurt does come;
The one that tells you that falsehood
That the next tear
Will drain you of all life forever.

Love is that soothing knowledge
That you’re glad to be alive and loved.
It’s the same thing that makes you want
To live forever, in an eternity
Of cool warm blissful contentment.
And yet the same thing that
Reassures your content soul
That death will be fine
Because what your heart felt was true.

Love’s that silent invisible raging fire
That refuses to be quenched when you’re with her
It’s that gentle eternal pebble of ice
That melts a little every time you taste his tender kiss
It’s that pure distilled anguished awakening of joy;
That elusive singular light that ignites…
When you’re in each other’s embrace.

And you, what do you think Love is?

PS: Partly inspired by Chrisette Michele's "Love Is You".

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Paapa said...

God is love.

Juanita said...

"It’s that gentle eternal pebble of ice"
Oh yeahhhhh, it sure is. I really really love this. :)

Tye said...

Yes, Paapa, God IS Love.

Tye said...

Thanks Juanita! Really, really glad you liked it :) "[it fell to my soul like dew to the pasture]"

Anonymous said...

... love is patience, love is kind.. God is love..

This is love,

Tye said...

Yes, Anon, that too is love.

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