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Hi. I like to write, I expect you like to read. What say we strike up an acquaintance?

Would You...?

If I took a vow on life

That I’d love you for all time

Would you let me in your heart?

Would you let us never part?

If for you I stole the stars

And I wrapped them in my love

Placed this firm upon your heart

Would you let me hear your heart?

If my heart echoed your pulse

And all others’ words were false

Kismet bid our love take flight

Would you let me be your light?

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Nita said...

Yes I would,you lol.. Another beautiful piece, Thumbs up Tye.

leggy said...

nice, definitely.

Tye said...

Lol...Thanks Nita!

Tye said...

Thanks, leggy!....Is it too early or should I start rejoicing in the knowledge that I've found my 28th follower?...;)

Myne Whitman said...

You write very well and the lines are so sweet.

Tye said...

Thank you Myne; your praise is truly humbling.

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