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So I cried a tear today

For a love lost yesterday

And all Neptune’s might

Could not rival the strength

Of the pain

Of the tear

That was cried today

For the tear was birthed

Of the pain

Of a loss

Of a love immaculate;

A love beyond Aphrodite

Beyond time’s eternity

A love beyond life and death

And all that lies in-between

And all that cannot be seen;

For this love was a beauty beyond Helen

Was a pleasure beyond Ambrosia

A treasure beyond the chests of Persia

A reality

Beyond the simplicity of words!

So I cried a tear today

For a love lost yesterday

A love lost

To the depths

Of Neptune's blue.

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Nita said...

oh lets all cry together, seems like everyone's crying for a lost love *sniff*

Tye said...

@ Nita, LMAO! Maybe we all just should :)

Nita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

A reality beyond the simplicity of words? Genius!

Tye said...

@ Nita, que pasa?

Tye said...

@ NYA, thank you!

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