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Sometimes I Miss Us...

Sometimes I miss us

Miss your lips and the bliss of your touch

Miss the hurt; when we healed it was heaven

Miss your voice in my ear

Miss telling you that I care

Miss loving to love you

Miss the eternity of your eyes; I could drown in them for all time

Miss having you in my head

Miss holding you in my heart

Miss misunderstanding your complexity

Miss the stillness of your breathing

Miss the uniqueness in your imperfections

Miss the stirring in my spirit when I held you

Miss the home my soul found in you

Sometimes I miss us...

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Oh wow! This poem is soooo goood (and I am really not flattering) that I read it 4 times, trying to pick my favourite line. Guess what, I failed! I love every line. Every single line. It works organically (whatever that means) and possesses a lot of poetic integrity (whatever this also means). I really, really love "Sometimes I Miss Us". Having said that, there is a little (but beautiful) contradiction in the whole poem. With words describing such an ineffable relationship, I would have thought the title would be something like "I Miss Us...Always". Well done.

antye504 said...

LMAO! and Wow...Thank you. Interestingly, this is one of my most honest/pensive/reflective writings. I sort of thought the same way about the title when I finished writing it...but then I find that the beauty of the ‘could have beens’ and the ‘weres’ is marred when dwelt on too's probably more of 'always' than 'sometimes' but I'd rather not know; it just complicates thoughts and emotions...THANKS; giant push to my self-esteem!

Anonymous said...

i love all ur poems!! keep it up!!

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