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If you knew how much I cared
Maybe then you’d shed some tears
For this bleeding heart of mine
That you broke more than one time
Maybe if some things were told
Maybe love would not grow cold
And the emptiness I feel
Will not fill this growing hole
Maybe broken hearts can’t mend
Maybe pain has no true end
But sure as the sky is blue
Part of me will always love you

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Kwegyirba said...

Aww, that is so sweet! Almost teary.
We missed you antye504!

antye504 said...

Thanks! product of an old 'heartbreak'...hehe. Missed you guys too!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Welcome back. Great poem. "Regrets", huh? There's some theme I read even more strongly than "Regret", but I cannot label it, somehow. Great, nonetheless.

antye504 said...

Thank you!(Both ways). Interestingly, I too contemplated whether 'Regrets' was an apt enough title but nothing more suitable came to mind...gracias!

Maxine said...

wow, love it!broken heart is a real medical condition kidding!

antye504 said...

@ Maxine, LMAO! You're a nurse right? I'll teak your word for it ;)And thanks!

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