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It’s been loooooong!!! And much has happened in this un-updated time! God has shown me His mercies again and I’m at an all-time high with my faith. I have learned that even if He takes, He also gives and He gives regardless of whether we deserve it or not!

Unto other things, I have learned more about human nature. Occurrences have taught me that people (myself included) need to learn to do a lot more thinking and a lot less talking. People need to take into account other people’s feelings and learn to be less selfish and self-opinionated. People need to watch the things they say and how they say them; what you think is not always wise or right, and just because you have freedom of speech does not mean you can spew the first thing that pops in your head. People need to be able to correct things in their lives before the mock the ‘flaws’ in another’s, and people need to learn to shut up and stop ranting about ‘crimes’ they commit themselves; Like a man beating up his wife and telling the cops that they’re handling him too roughly…?! C’mon! And people need to accept their flaws and be open enough to learn to accept their faults, and learn to say simply ‘I’m Sorry’.

There is no such thing as the perfect human (well, except Christ but that was only exterior-wise) but we should all strife to be the best we can be. We should all strife to be people we can love and be proud of, and people who can be appreciated by those who matter!

Thank you, Jesus. Eres el mismo hoy y siempre entonces, te quiero mucho. I love you much more than I can say in Spanish or English, or a combination of both. Love whoever’s reading this too, u rock!

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novisi said...

hi there, here and everywhere!

nice blog!

but the freedom of speech thing must not be discouraged! not at all! i believe one should feel free to say what he has not even thought of! no problem with that! it's up to the listener to challenge if need be!

also, (if), no matter how bad i beat my wife, if the police are not supposed to handle me roughly then they must not! and i must have every right to complain and my complain must be heeded no matter how hypocritical i might be! doesn't matter! what matters more is for the police to ensure proper procedure to see to my 'nailing'!

i understand the 'he who seeks equity, must come with clean hands' kind of thing, but rights of men cannot be decided on such measures! else a thief who has clearly been caught 'in the act' should not be said to have 'allegedly' stolen until proven guilty in court! even the clear murderer is an alleged murderer until proven guilty!

good food for thought though!

antye504 said...

Thanks novisi, my blog and myself truly appreciate it!

True novisi, I completely agree with you on the freedom of speech thing. Lack of it is a major factor of our developmental state as a country. People are either unaware or afraid of exercising their right to speak and criticize a situation, which is why the UK embassy can toss us about for a month to simply get a response on the Visa decision (and they might bounce you on top too). However, I also believe concurrently expression should be followed after careful thought. I believe, it is also due to a lack of this that people get up everyday and blow rot all over the media…

Think for a second of a world where people just articulated the first dung ball that landed in their minds; Not exactly a place I would want to live in, an interesting place, but not exactly very…habitable, I think. I’m simply saying, I think it’s only logical to strive to be wise and considerate, otherwise you will ultimately either end up looking stupid or getting shot or both.

About the wife thing, true you have every right to protest, and I’d probably back you. But I’d back you up only within the confines of the legal realm. For the purposes of a rigid, argument of ‘legal justice’, I’m your man 100%*. But, in my life, I believe that, blurry though the lines may be, there’s a difference between what is ‘legally just’ and what is right and ‘truly just’; Like the wife-beater seeking justice… (I’m smiling just imagining the incredulous look on the face of a Ghanaian cop in this situation).

However, I do see the ‘need’ for the 100% rigidity of the whole thing; otherwise we flaw the whole concept of justice in itself.

*I really think you’ll enjoy Albert Camus’s L'Étranger (The Outsider/The Stranger)

Thanks again!

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