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Carmille's Lament

...Someone else

The thought's so strange...

With someone else...

When you’re little and your mind is free

You can fantasize, oh yes, be happy

But when you realize that life's not what it seems

That’s when you know that it’s too late to breathe

When you’re little and you're daddy's little girl (little pearl)

All that matters is you're daddy's little world

But when you find that daddy's not Zeus, or Jupiter (daddy's not Thor)

Then you know that your end is but a sepulcher

Now I find that my life is not my own

And my choices are but someone else's own (someone else's own)

I cannot cry for I know I must find new love

But someone else, someone else?

It's not fair that I should have to suffer

For they say that I was born beneath a wishing star

But now I have to find a way to fall in love

With someone else, someone else?

It's just not fair that I’m the one to suffer

It's not fair that I’m trapped by my fears

It's not fair that I should have to start again (give your heart again)


Someone else

Another man?

Someone else...

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