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From here within me

A new song rings

To me

Joy and new life it brings

Through these eyes

From which tears have run dry

I see there’s still a possibility to fly

I’ll spread my wings

And tie those of time

Get lost in euphoria

Of that which is mine

Set forth emotions I may find

Within my broken spirit’s mine

Now, I am free to let you go

Break free from yesterday’s shadow

No graces, no airs, no encores

I’ll pack my bag

And get on my track

In search of my tomorrow

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I always like the theme of Liberation. In this particular poem I felt the Persona's almost-excitement in breaking free. And while the Persona still thinks of their pain and heartache, they do not dwell or grovel in it. It could have been less masterfully dealt with, I think. For that, I consider this a great, great liberation poem. I know it spoke to me.

antye504 said...

@ NY, true, I've also found liberation a particularly beautiful theme; there's so much to say and so many different ways to say it.

Guess its probably because hope - which begets and/or is begotten of liberation - is the thing that keeps us going. Glad you liked it, thank you!

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