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Phew! I’m finally, finally done with the torment of the end-of-year demons. It was a vicious war and the least I can say is I’m ineffably thankful that’s its over… regardless of how it turns out.

But as much as I’d rather not have written those papers, I’m also very glad that I did because it taught me something; it taught me the power of faith and perseverance.

From pulling all-nighters till by eyes were ready to just fall out of my head and unto the past papers and notes I so clung to, to downing cups of black coffee (well, not so black but still black) like my existence depended on them, it was a cycle of caffeine-aided shoving and stashing (too much and too fast with) information down my brain bank, spewing it unto the unpleasantly bright and white exam papers and then repeating the cycle, barely punctuating my existence with 4-hour naps.

At no point did I not want to just give up and throw my hands in the air or just turn into a lazy i-don’t-careish bum, not study and just let fate take its course with my grades, but somehow I didn’t… and I’M DONE! In all my life, this has been my most draining exam and I absolutely loathed every second of it, but I’ve learned that if you believe and you seek to achieve somehow you’ll make it to the other side of the tunnel.

Now, I’m not too scared of what my transcript might look like (emphasis on too) and I’m too happy and drained to care but whatever…Big up to the only Big G there is and that matters.

And if you’re reading this then I officially love you because you’re one of fifteen special people!

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